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Bathroom Remodeling

An unwinding space which is stick pressed with extravagant settings is something the majority of us long for. This can be conceivable on account of the dedicated and qualified lavatory renovators at Top Pro Construction & Remodeling.


Kitchen remodeling

With regards to kitchen development and remodel temporary worker, Top Pro Construction & Remodeling is a name to be figured with. We have been serving the zone from the season of our beginning.



A room addition brings extra living space at the same time boosting the value of your property. Room addition can meet the needs of growing family or give new room to your kids or add a new room for guests. We Top Pro Construction & Remodeling have been extending space in homes and office from the time of our inspection.



Whether you’re supplanting your rooftop or introducing another rooftop, it’s essential to contract a particular organization to carry out the occupation. Every sort of rooftop (elastic, level, metal, tin, tile, slate, and so on.) has a special establishment prepare and every kind of rooftop requires distinctive supporting materials.


Custom Driveways

Although asphalt is a common material used in driveways and sidewalks, the most popular material has always been concrete. This is because it is much more impervious to weather conditions or exposure, but it doesn’t mean that it is a flawless choice.



Top Pro Construction & Remodeling offer a verity of patio covers & enclosures.

A patio cover offers a wonderful retreat from the sun and rain, it can be very simple in it’s design, or it can take on a ‘higher-end’ feel.

With a patio enclosure overhead, you will attain a sense of seclusion and privacy from nearby neighbors or even activities in your yard.


Ext Int Painting

It’s never too late to fall in love with your home again. If you feel like your home could use a makeover but just don’t have the time or budget to do a complete remodel, then giving your home a new coat of paint is a great way to do this.



There are a few different stucco textures that can be achieved and having a look at all of them can give you a general idea of what to expect and maybe even help you decide on which one you want to use on your house.



Top Pro Construction & Remodeling is a full-service fence and gate company serving the locals. With years of combined experience, our team understands the importance of supplying the right fencing solution for your property.



Include class in your way of life and improve esteem to your property with new floor. Top Pro Construction & Remodeling offers several ground surface alternatives to look over. Whether you need to revamp your home or need to fabricate another one, we have recently finest alternative for you. We have more than one decade of experience and have a group of experts why should willing serve the customers.



We do all types of woodwork.A company that takes a professional and fresh approach to its craft. Aspiring to the highest quality standards and catering to the needs of its clients.



Content available very soon………..


solar panels

Solar Energy is all about savings and clean environment. To take advantage of the free solar energy we need to install solar panels on your home’s roof. The solar panels harvest sunlight and actively convert it to electricity. 


windows and doors

When it comes to saving energy at home, installing energy efficient doors and energy efficient windows can keep your home warm in winter and cool in the mid year, in this way decreasing your warming and cooling costs.


hardscape and landscape

Top Pro Construction & Remodeling is a reputed worker and has practical experience in decks, porches, and other open air development. We dislike general contractual workers who give customary development benefits as it were. We put stock in furnishing our clients with the best in outside spaces.



Visit our gallery to see current projects we are working on…


chimney / fireplaces

Are you dreaming of a relaxing place to wind down with a glass of wine in the evenings or a cozy place to gather with family and friends? Why not reminisce with loved ones in front of a beautiful, eco-friendly hearth and let the stresses of the day melt away?


electrical / plumbing

As a service company and continues to provide electrical service to meet our customers’ needs. Our crew of certified electricians are equipped with the best tools and/or equipment to get the job done quickly and are ready to work when they arrive at your residence.


custom carpentry

Our goal is to provide an integrated design process that allows you to enter the renovation experience with clear expectations. We believe that remodeling, at its best, flows out of a commitment to solve the problems of design and construction before construction begins.


rain gutters

Looking for a professional contractor to install your rain gutters? AAA Quality Top Pro Construstion & Remodeling, CA is fully licensed and insured. With over years of experience, we provide outstanding service and competitive pricing, giving you the best deal for your money.


“When we bought our home, it was not meeting some of our requirements. We wanted to do some renovation work. Top Pro Construction and Remodeling assured us that they could renovate the house, replace the windows and doors and fix the plumbing issues. They did every thing on time on my budget. It was an upbeat experience to work with Top Pro Construction and Remodeling. I have suggested their name to my friends and will continue to do so.

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